Continuity Blueprint Review

by admin on November 1, 2011

Ryan Deiss Continuity Blueprint

Continuity Blueprint from Ryan Deiss got my attention some time ago through an email I received. Ryan Deiss is an incredible online marketer and I am a great fan of his teachings about marketing online! Surely worth a review!

Continuity Blueprint from Ryan Deiss – Is It For Real – Business Review

Continuity Blueprint Ryan Deiss is probably known best for his continuity program which is not just about creating membership website, but more so about building sites that have continuity integrated. The program comes with 5 DVD’s, an audio CD and 2 binders. The very first CD you will get to listen to is called ‘Automatic Daily Income’, which shows you how to build a repetitive and recurring income in as little as 48 hours.

Out of the 5 DVD’s, the first one is ‘Getting Started’. The remaining 4 discs contain one module each. I recommend you pay close attention to the ‘Getting Started’ disc because it will help you ascertain whether your idea is going to have any solid foundation for further pursuance.

Let’s take a closer look at the four different modules of the Continuity Blueprint program by Ryan Deiss.

Module 1 The first module talks mainly about the architecture of your membership website and why things are done in certain ways.

Module 2 Of the whole Continuity Blueprint program designed by Mr. Deiss, I personally find this module the most interesting because it talks about content. Good, qualifying, relevant and continuously changing content remains to be an ongoing challenge for any online marketer. In this module, Ryan shows you various ways to obtain this kind of content, by looking for writers or specialists that have interesting things to say on their site. Content you may wish to have on your site as well. He also shows you how to make agreements with these people and gives you a legal agreement that you can use also.

Module 3 The construction of your site is an important aspect in the Continuity Blueprint program. This module will show you step by step how to set up your site, using some pretty cool examples.

Module 4 Now that your site is ready and live you will need to start generating members. You can find tons of information on the internet about how to drive traffic to your site and how to sell however, Ryan feels it’s more important to focus on how you position the offer or product that you have. During this module, various options are discussed.

The Continuity Blueprint from Ryan Deiss will certainly help you on the way. He helps you in discovering how to start and build your online business from the ground up. It is my personal opinion that in order to be successful online, you will need to enroll yourself into a online marketing course that teaches you proven and professional marketing methods and strategies on an ongoing basis. One or two individual programs teaching you just a few methods isn’t sufficient.

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