Brown Box Formula

by admin on June 22, 2013

Brown Box Formula

You might not know this, but people love to buy only when you have what they really want. You need to stop chasing your tail and make the most out of Brown Box Formula, a business that literally helps you make thousands of dollars online on a monthly basis. Moreover, it allows most online giants, including Amazon, eBay, Price Grabber, Google Shopping, Sears and Overstock to help you build a real business online. The good news is that you can do all that risk-free and much faster than you can possibly imagine. Discover the Author of Brown Box Formula Brown Box Formula, created by Ezra Firestone, is the real deal when it comes to simple and affordable businesses online. Ezra, its author, is well known for his experience in selling real physical products online in his unique way. He does not have an inventory, a warehouse, or even a staff. In fact, he never sees or touches any of the products he sells. Ezra is not a guru or someone who is keen on selling virtual products. He just likes real stuff and he is dedicated to creating communities around real products. The creator of Brown Box Formula sells fun stuff, like Halloween Costumes, Paint, Bar Stools, Cell Phone Accessories, etc. He always provides his customers with real products that people are actively looking for. For example, his average retail price for gift baskets is $75.00, while the average cost won’t exceed $44.35. This means he has a profit of around $30.65 per order, which is amazing. On top of it all, Ezra’s sites get tons of traffic. All he needs to do in order to be successful is to give people what they are looking for. Here’s another example that proves how amazing Ezra’s business is. The retail price of one of his Elvis Costumes is $54.99, while the cost is less than $30.00. The total profit per costume exceeds $25.00. What’s outrageous is that during the Halloween period he sells around 2,000 products like this, which totals a profit of over $50,000. And this is only from one product. There are many other similar products people want, such as dog bunk beds or lip bar stools, that bring Ezra over $70 profit per order. An Amazing Business One of the best things about this business is that the paid traffic comes at a very low price, so if you are making at least $2 in revenue for each person that comes to your store you can afford to pay 60 cents to get someone to your store. You don’t have to use any persuasion, long AR sequences, dirty tricks, SEO techniques, complicated webinars or any other marketing strategies to attract people to your website. Brown Box Formula is about simplicity, usability and affordability. Why do people buy Mercedes cars, iPhones, iPads or plasma TVs? Because they need them and consider them to be really cool stuff. Ezra has managed to discover a groundbreaking way to become that person who capitalizes on people’s needs, so he wants to help you do the same. By simply riding on this wave of opportunity he created a few months ago, you will be able to maximize your revenues and have your own home based business. Emerging Opportunities In the last 12 months, three major opportunities have emerged in the retail selling industry. Ezra has outlined these 3 major opportunities in his webinar. They are:

  • Giant online retailers are in great need of partners. Did you know that Google Shopping, Amazon, Sears, eBay and Etsy, just to name a few, will sell your products for you? For 10% to 15% commission, you can put your products on the shelves of the world’s biggest retailers today. You don’t have to create your own online store when there is this unique method Ezra uses. Using this groundbreaking method, you can let the big boys help you build your own business while getting paid. You can get exposure to more than 8 million buyers every single day, and that’s just from the U.S.
  • Technology has gotten cheap, fast and easy. With Brown Box Business, you can have pre-built e-commerce stores. The themes and features are already there, so you just need to capitalize on them.
  • Wholesale products have become plentiful. Sourcing products is not a challenge anymore in the world we live in.

Brown Box Business contains all you need in order to be successful online. In this business, you will learn how to easily select the perfect markets, source wholesale products, load up your products to Amazon and other big channels and set up your e-commerce site in no time. You will learn many other interesting and useful methods and technologies to be successful, so don’t hesitate to contact Ezra and start your Brown Box Business today!

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